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    Motels & Security

    Hi Folks,
    I'm taking my 2009 F650GS Twin from Rochester NY to Maine via Vermont & NH in about 2 weeks.
    The only thing that really concerns me is the security of my bike in motels and how best to protect it.
    It's been many years since I took a long trip, and back then, I never had to worry much, especially with an older, less popular bike.

    I do have a Zena disc brake lock, two Hepco Bags, and a Topcase, so I don't have a lot of room for big heavy chains and such.

    I wondered if someone could give me some good tips on picking motels with better security, what to look for, and any other practical security devices that would help make sure my bike was still there in the morning.

    I realize to a pro, everything is game, but I'll do the best I can with some tips from a few seasoned pro's that travel extensively.

    I will be by myself.

    Thanks for your help,

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    I usually ask the desk clerk to park in front under the portico. They usually accommodate me. I have never had anything bothered on the bike parked like this.
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    When we're travelling, I choose hotels that have large covered entrance areas - Holiday Inn Express are typically like this. I ask to park under the covered area and 99% of the time it is not a problem. I always feel that this is safer since the entrances will have security cameras and a manager nearby.

    Although I don't do this, using a bike cover will keep many people away - what they can't see won't interest them (most of the time).

    During the past 4 years, I've stayed at about 60 different hotels and never had a problem. I put the steering lock on, but never use a chain.
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    Me I prefer Mom and Pop motels, that allow me to park outside the room. Preferably one hidden from the road a little.

    That said, lock the forks and maybe a disc lock, and pay your insurance premium.

    And sleep well, it is a BMW, and they are rarely a target of pros, HD makes them more $$$ for the same risk.

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    Thanks folks, I really appreciate this. Actually, I had the same idea. The wife and I have always liked the Holiday Inn Express, and on our business trips, have always stayed there. Now I have another reason.

    I was considering one of those big chains, but I could not remember any hotel we stayed at that any type of posts or securing devices, so that's money saved, and space as well.

    I will invest in the cover, though.

    My thanks again,

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    I bring a bike cover and also park under the canopy when there is one. I haven't ever been told no. In some cases when the place looks full, I'll ask where the best place to park the bike is and they'll suggest under the canopy.
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    A friend lost 2 - F650GS - within weeks of one another - the bikes are to light & 2 poles in the wheels can move it. I'm sure their in Brazil somewhere.
    Be safe - good luck
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    When I travel I park my bike in well lighted areas. Don't try to "hide " the bike in some dark corner of the parking lot.

    In places that I was nervous about I have turned the heattroller control on thats mounted in my fairing so that the red light blinks. Without an electric jacket hooked to it the only power it uses is for the blinking light. I figure someone walking by would just think it was an alarm. Probably didn't help but at least it helped me sleep better. I have never had a problem with theft while traveling, which I am sure is because of my mean vicious bad ass blinking heartroller light.
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    Best to park right outside your room, and pick a room with a good field of fire.

    But when that's not a viable option, I always park in the best lit spot as close to the front entrance as possible. I use a disc lock that has a motion alarm and use a bike cover, stretching a lock between some of the cover's grommets under the bike. That's using a few levels of deterrent:

    - Bike cover to hide bike from prying eyes in hope that they will be less tempted.
    - Lock on bike cover will slow them down as they will either need to cut the lock or cut the cover.
    - Disc lock doesn't allow bike to roll very far and is very difficult to remove without the key.
    - 110 db noisemaker on disc lock will be making racket from the moment they start messing with the bike.
    - Well lighted location makes it hard for them to hide what they're doing.
    - Near entrance and/or front desk raises likelihood of witnesses.

    If the hotel has an entrance canopy, they will sometimes allow you to park your motorcycle somewhere in that area as long as it's in a spot that doesn't block the normal flow of traffic or otherwise obstruct other guests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdbenson View Post
    I usually ask the desk clerk to park in front under the portico. They usually accommodate me. I have never had anything bothered on the bike parked like this.

    I just take the key and put a cover on it if I can't park under the portico.
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    anyone here know anything about LOJACK? I had never give it much thought till a friend of mine who works for the Sherriffs dept. told me this story. Last Sunday a Kawasaki was stolen from N. Charleston, S.C. . a man from Lojack called the Florence Co. Sherriffs Dept and told them the bike was in Florence, S.C. . within hours of being stolen, the bike was recovered. and one of the largest Motorcycle chop shops on the East Coast got busted. I'm going to check into what Lojack costs.

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