Hi Folks,
I'm taking my 2009 F650GS Twin from Rochester NY to Maine via Vermont & NH in about 2 weeks.
The only thing that really concerns me is the security of my bike in motels and how best to protect it.
It's been many years since I took a long trip, and back then, I never had to worry much, especially with an older, less popular bike.

I do have a Zena disc brake lock, two Hepco Bags, and a Topcase, so I don't have a lot of room for big heavy chains and such.

I wondered if someone could give me some good tips on picking motels with better security, what to look for, and any other practical security devices that would help make sure my bike was still there in the morning.

I realize to a pro, everything is game, but I'll do the best I can with some tips from a few seasoned pro's that travel extensively.

I will be by myself.

Thanks for your help,