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Thread: Hello from CT

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    Hello from CT

    This is my first BMW, and really enjoying it. Picked up my bike from Bob's BMW in Maryland, highly recommend them. Rode my trade down from CT and rode back on my RT. Took this pic on a corn run in Millerton,NY. Looking forward to many years and miles on this bike.
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    Welcome Carhappykid!

    Very nice bike, awesome color - had one.

    As you check out the forum a few sections that you might find of interest is in the Garage Section - called Hexhead - has all the discussions for your type of bike.

    If you like to turn your own wrenches check out the Hexhed DIY/Technical Forum for just about every major maintenance event you need to do on the bike.

    Gear has all the equipment used for motocycling, lights, clothes seats, etc.

    Then the is the lighterside for regular conversation.

    Come back often.

    Again welcome aboard.

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    What a great first post! Nice bike and thanks for posting the picture.

    You are at the right place. Good to hear that you had a positive buying experience and are willing to recommend a BMW dealer.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Ride Well

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    Always good to see another fellow nutmegger on the forum. I am at the other end of the state from you (by the casinos) but Connecticut is not too big so hopefully I'll get to meet you out on the road sometimes.

    Llast couple of months we have had a breakfast meet at the Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret on a Sunday morning. Don't know where we are going this month but watch the Northeastern Regional Forum if you would like to meet some of the gang.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been searching this web site for some time while making my decision, and am looking forward to working on my bike.

    Oldhway, I'll keep watch where and when you're going to meet.

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    Another Happy Customer

    I must confess that I rarely post to any of the forums; it's mostly a time thing.
    But how could I resist not sending another THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS note to a new Bob's family member? I hope you have many wonderful adventures on your new R1200RT and I hope that we'll see you back down at Bob's now and then for some service or just a cup of coffee. Perhaps we'll get to meet up at O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown, CT. (my all time favorite place to eat when in the NE) like we discussed for breakfast one of these days as well. Cheers!

    Bob Henig (originalbob)
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    HOW Many Corn;

    Just how much corn on the cob will fit on a RT, or in the bags??? My favorite veggie...Welcome, from West of the West, Clovis, CA...Seems you found a swell guy in "Bob" of the BMW Dealership world...A cool dude and supports our MOA in a very large fashion, for years and years now. We're so happy to have him at our rallies every year. New Milford, Conn. is home of one of my best friends, an RT rider too. Happy Trails from a GSA Rider, the ugly RT cousin...Randy#13233, kind a low # nowadays, as a longtime member and happy you're HERE

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    What a beautiful bike and beautiful country! It looks like a perfect place to do all those break-in miles. Welcome to the club and the family!
    Greg Feeler
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