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Thread: Love my new jacket

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    Just got a mesh jacket. I couldn't bring myself to purchase something that wasn't waterproof, but really wanted the mesh for hot summer days. I knew some of the new products had removable liners and that some were waterproof, so I hit the bargain bins.

    I ended up finding the Gericke Urban Jacket here . for a pretty good price. I love this thing. It's a lot cooler than my all weather Belstaff (even with the back zippers open). And I've been pleasantly surprised that it's been comfy with the liner in at nightfall with temperatures below 60 degrees (on an unfaired bike). And it came standard with CE armor (didn't have to order replacement pads).

    Anyway, just wanted to throw in a positive note in case someone else was looking for just such a jacket. (oh yeah, and it looks pretty stylish, if you're into that sort of thing.)


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    thanks for the link, Mark. I found some swell H-G carbon gloves for dirt cheap.

    btw, I LOVE my H-G "Taureg" suit. The ONLY thing I would change about it is that the waterproof bit is part of the liner, so it's not much use when it's hot. (the liner, that is) Then again, where I live it's generally not hot and wet at the same time. In FL it would be a drag.

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