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Thread: Paint spec for Titan Silver?

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    Paint spec for Titan Silver?

    Does anyone have a dead match paint specification for the BMW Titan Silver color? I'm interested in repainting a couple plastic parts to match the wheels and lower body panels (that the pegs attach to). Thought I saw a listing of Dupont colors once that matched up to a number of the BMW offerings. Any help would be appreciated.
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    BMW Titan Silver = "M354"

    12 Metallic paint stick set, titansilber 2X12ML 354 ? 51910302248 $39.93
    12 Metallic paint spray set titansilber 2X150ML 354 ? 51911052566

    Don't know if that helps to find a (less expensive ?) Dupont match

    Google gets you lots of online suppliers w/ paint match; here's one:*+57127

    lots of sizes, from 1/2 oz touch-up to quart cans
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    Wow - body panels are obscenely expensive !

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    This is a very common BMW automotive color (my M-Coupe is Titan Silver).. and there are a few vendors who will custom blend spray cans of paint for BMW colors. Cost was about $14/can - for the base Titan Silver and then a clearcoat - total around $28.

    If you're interested I can probably track down the place that made up mine for me..
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    I took the paint code to a local auto parts store who mixed up a can for me.

    Also this place online
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