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Thread: Service in the La Crosse, WI Area

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    Question Service in the La Crosse, WI Area

    Anyone know of a good location to have our BMW motorcycle serviced in the La Crosse, WI area?

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    LaCrosse Area Service

    I was at Mischler's in Beaver Dam Wi. this morning when someone picked up a bike he had rebuilt after an accident. He was from LaCrosse.

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    Beaver Dam is not that long of a ride from LaCrosse and I've always been satisfied with their service. They're #1 in my book.

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    +1 on Beaver Dam. I had my 6000 mile service done and purchased a bunch of farkels from Mischlers. Service was excellent and I was treated well on my farkel purchases.

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    According to the BMW website, the closest to LaCrosse is in Lakeville MN, about 115 miles away, so you are really in "the boonies" (or coulees)
    For about another 5 or 6 miles you can stay in WI and go to Mischlers, which is who I recommend also.
    I can't remember the 3rd closest, in MN too I believe. At #4 at about 150 miles is Gina's BMW in I-O-Way someplace, who is highly recommended. Iowa City maybe?

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