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Thread: 2009 Iron Butt Rally

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    2009 Iron Butt Rally

    If I am not mistaken the 2009 Iron Butt Rally begins Next Monday the 24th. Is anyone else excited about the Rally? Is there a list of the entrants out there somewhere?

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    they kinda keep a low profile....

    all the planning/participant discussion is password protected.

    i'd go see them off.... spartanburg is just 130 miles from my house... but i have to work.


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    I'm following it. I have a good friend who's riding in it. His wife is going to fly up to Spokane to meet him on the last day.

    Here's the Iron Butt page with daily updates, detailed lists of bonus points and routes, some pics, etc... Pretty detailed stuff.

    This year's theme is crime scenes. For example, in the first leg there were huge bonus points for going up to Martha's Vineyard and getting a pic at Dike's Bridge where Ted Kennedy had the accident that killed Mary Jo Kopechne. In fact, taking that northern route for the Dike's Bridge points instead of the southern route through Florida may make the difference. After the first leg everybody in the top ten took the northern Martha's Vineyard route.

    Lots of bonus points for stopping by places where various crimes took place. And, so far, only one final drive failure: an R1150RT. Fun reading, IMHO.
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