I feel that I have exhausted all attempts to get music on my Zumo. It is VERY frustrating. I finally broke down and bought software to convert my music to MP3 (from the Windows media player). Mind you, these are not purchased Itunes music (those are protected and even after running them though the ripper, you still can't get them into a compatable MP3 version). These are my CDs. I converted them to MP3, saved them to the SD card but when I put the card into the ZUMO, nothing! I can see all the music on the card when it's plugged into the SD card reader on the PC but the Garmin won't recognize it. My GPS is about to take a fast and short trip out the window soon. Can anyone offer any advice as to what I am NOT doing that I should be? Is there hope?

I know it can be done (I know guys with the same unit and they have their own music on there) but I feel as thought I've done everything I can. Why is this not working for me?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

e-mail: davidkuz67@sbcglobal.net