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Thread: and then there were two

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    and then there were two

    Started out in Austin with a couple buds, fjrdoug
    and cary to the esprings ibmwr rally last weekend.
    There's just a few photos of the to/from parts,
    but be warned that day 3 will test the bandwidth.

    Day 1

    Doug is one of the few people whiter than me.

    Cary had the bike rebuilt and ready

    We took off at the post siesta hour of 2 pm on thursday in hot, dry weather. Soon after cary's light truck's tranny soiled the clutch (something I've had happen on my k12) and he wisely withdrew: btdt!
    BTW this will also include an r12gs review

    lift off

    Just the Fjr and GS now; here's a barley break shot outside
    hearne, franklin or one of those other jerkwater towns.

    I confess that the r12gs is the first post airhead twin
    I've ridden. When it sat on the LFDs showroom for a week
    I had to ride it. It appeared well suited for the cut and thrust,
    busted urban pavement riding I do normally. This made it
    a must try. So far (now 2500 miles) it continues to impress.
    Nits include a rough idle, chattering front brake, and vibes
    at 90 +. About the brakes, power schmower. My k12 has
    less lever effort on its non power abs brakes. No comment on the linked system.

    Anyway, we got to jacksonville, tx, had some dinner at the "split rail" cafe and got a hotel. The weather channel featured the remnant of Ivan coming ashore, aimed straight at Jacksonville. It was clear outside when we went to bed, but next morning there would be someone knocking on the door, and his name was Ivan.
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    Is it

    just me that can see no pictures??
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Re: Is it

    Originally posted by Cliffy777
    just me that can see no pictures??
    Yep, it's just you, Cliffy. ;-)
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    day 2 the rain man always rings twice

    I was only joking when I told doug
    that he better be ready for some rain
    in the morning, but I couldn't sleep
    thinking about it. When I got up next morning
    it was still dry out, but a short
    walk outside after a shower revealed the air thick
    with humidity, so much so that it was already drizzling.
    The still dark, but now overcast sky was lit up
    by lightning. By the time doug showered
    it had been raining hard for 20 minutes.

    Ivan, again

    Radar indicated heavy rain east and north,
    exactly the direction we needed to go.
    Good thing doug's frogg toggs got delivered
    yestereday, and that along with a new roadmaster
    rain suit i had also bought yesterday, i also got some aerostich
    booties. Weird looking but effective and easily packed.

    It rained all the way north to Tyler, but within an hour
    we were eating breakfast in bright sunshine in Lone oak;
    on 69 now heading the wrong way. Jumped back on E i 30
    into the cool overcast. Snaked up 259 into Ok, and
    turned right at pouteau onto 270/59 S avoiding
    yet more rain.

    Road construction halted us in front of a little
    country store (Page?) where we took a break. The locals
    were having a domino game, but were happy to point
    us to the much more scenic (and not under construction)
    Ok 1\Ar 88 into mena, Ar. i've been on this road before
    with prez cary, and the GS really shines here as the fjr faded back riding the ridge. Up to 80 or so, the GS rules, its only at
    never legal speeds the big trailie loses its steam.
    The bridgestone trailwings seem a good compromise
    for the riding we were doing.

    North on 71 now, we gas up at Waldron and note
    yet another storm in our path. We zig east on
    80 to Danville staying dry. We the zag back towards Ozark
    when our luck finally runs out. Hard rain, but no lightning
    anyway. Suited up on the side of the road as it started
    raining really hard.

    I've never run the 80 miles of twistes on Ar 23
    in the pouring rain, but the gs and fjr
    handled it well, and we stayed mostly dry. i didn't
    even think about bambi until it got dark, and then like
    magic there it was 5 feet from the road, mouthful
    of grass. It hardly blinked as we went by.

    We met Rob lessen as we pulled up
    in full rain gear just after dark. My hands were
    now stained black from my gloves. The only pics
    of the day before some 24oz margaritas
    eased our pain for the evening.

    r12gs after rain test

    fjr after

    Doug after, checking for water

    day 3 will have a few more pics, and less dialogue

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    day3-onward through the fog

    Got up early, i've missed the last 2 years, the incredible roads,
    and Joe Scaggs leading the charge.

    Fog was around

    You see, we start here,

    then go here

    prime gs seat space for rent.. cheap

    turn here.

    Everyone saddled up

    And away we went, only 5 folks in Joe's group... pffft!

    The fog quickly burned off

    More great roads

    Starting to get some leaning in.

    A rare pic of the bunny outside of his natural obmwc habitat

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    day 3 cont

    Does anybody know where we are?

    Here a prez prepares for the annual ibmwr shot put contest. nearby prezzes clear a path to the gas pump

    no lane sharing here.

    more road pics

    standing on the brakes

    daylight saving time came a little early this year due to more of this

    My rainsuit back drying at the swiss inn provided little comfort. So we had a sandwich here before trying for ozark. Caught up with the rain again, so we skipped the bbq, and took 21 north for a little fjr\gs thrashing. The GS did quite well btw

    I 'bout soiled myself when we got out of the rain and happened
    on some dark suits on the side of the road pointing techie looking things at us in a small town. Fortunately, they were fellow riders with cameras and not leo.

    Back at the Inn early, things were starting to look up

    Almost makes me want to ride in an SUV, it's all about
    lighting they say

    everyone was bummed after the babes left. so we drank
    beer to preserve the memory.

    Stilll can't figure out what this was:

    Some days you can't get enough riding in.

    Sunset on a warm autumn evening

    the beer didn't enhance my photgraphy skills

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    Day 4; the road home

    don't you just hate it when your riding partner on Saturday
    night says: Gee, we have a long ride tomorrow huh?

    I have some meetings on Monday

    So it was time to slab, oh joy of joys.

    AR 59 and US 59 are conveniently close together,
    so I decided to try the former when the latter
    was the intended route. Nice road! However,
    after almost clocking 3 bambi, a half grown beagle,
    numerous squirells and a rather spry chipmunk
    we almost clocked this guy before hitting I40

    Besides the shell damage, he was missing a rear leg too.
    (an old wound) Doug rescued him and he seemed to like the fjr's saddlebag, and crapping in his jacket. I think we named him
    rusty, fester, or something.

    Although Doug's v1 had saved us a few times, for some
    reason it was ignored, and therefore the Stringville
    PD validated its usefulness. I wonder, is there a contest
    for whoever get validated in the most states

    600 miles later, we rolled into Austin, It was about 6 pm by then, finally got a day where we made some miles.

    GS mileage was about 45 mpg on the highway, and easily
    got 200 miles on a tank.

    GS conclusion: great bike for the driving I do, a bullet
    below 80 with suspension to tame the nastiest roads
    in town. really suprising passing power above 80 too.
    Stability suffers somewhat in the triple digits ;WAG
    is air getting trapped under the front fender. feels
    a little light up there. Also get some big vibes
    around 90 . The luggage makes sense, and holds
    a bit, and they are waterproof. Burned some oil
    but hope that gets better. First oilhead \hexhead
    i've ridden, no major complaints so far.


    r12 gs

    k12rs for sale
    k10rs [for sale
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