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    and then there were two

    Started out in Austin with a couple buds, fjrdoug
    and cary to the esprings ibmwr rally last weekend.
    There's just a few photos of the to/from parts,
    but be warned that day 3 will test the bandwidth.

    Day 1

    Doug is one of the few people whiter than me.

    Cary had the bike rebuilt and ready

    We took off at the post siesta hour of 2 pm on thursday in hot, dry weather. Soon after cary's light truck's tranny soiled the clutch (something I've had happen on my k12) and he wisely withdrew: btdt!
    BTW this will also include an r12gs review

    lift off

    Just the Fjr and GS now; here's a barley break shot outside
    hearne, franklin or one of those other jerkwater towns.

    I confess that the r12gs is the first post airhead twin
    I've ridden. When it sat on the LFDs showroom for a week
    I had to ride it. It appeared well suited for the cut and thrust,
    busted urban pavement riding I do normally. This made it
    a must try. So far (now 2500 miles) it continues to impress.
    Nits include a rough idle, chattering front brake, and vibes
    at 90 +. About the brakes, power schmower. My k12 has
    less lever effort on its non power abs brakes. No comment on the linked system.

    Anyway, we got to jacksonville, tx, had some dinner at the "split rail" cafe and got a hotel. The weather channel featured the remnant of Ivan coming ashore, aimed straight at Jacksonville. It was clear outside when we went to bed, but next morning there would be someone knocking on the door, and his name was Ivan.
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