Mid September my wife and I planned a trip to New Orleans taking 2 laners all the way from western Wisconsin. Part of our route included US 19 thru Missouri and the Mark Twain National Forest, it was beautiful and the roads were outstanding. We road thru a small town on the Missouri River called Hermann, and apparently is an old German settlement. We liked the looks of it an made a note on our map, reminding us to check it out on some other trip. Well, we arrived in New Orleans on a Monday and had to evacuate the next morning because of Ivan. We decided to just head back north to Hermann and spend some time.

What a beautiful town! Lots of vineyards, pubs and German restaurants. The riding along the Missouri river and National forest wasn't too bad either.

I asked some locals if there were any bike rallys held here and they did not know. Anyone on the board from Missouri know?
I'd love an excuse to go back. It seemed the perfect place to have a rally..........