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I dont move my head at all, just glance down.... the glareshield of a bike only goes so high for a reason, why put anything above it?. the ones mounted high look nice, but suffer from three major flaws in my opinion:

1.) the reach to manipulate the device is entirely to far -- which can be dangerous at full speed.
2.) no matter how solid the migsel or gadget guy or whatever, it still vibrates as the glareshield vibrates. A cursory check of the forums on various sites such as this one, ADV, BMWST, and other will give multiple testimonials to this.
3.) It is hard to do the high mount without making some sort of permanent modification to the glareshield area... as much as I love my bike, it will not be my last BMW, either and I want to sell it clean.
I had my Zumo 550 mounted low on the R 1200 RT, originally on the BMW brackets that bolt to the handlebar antlers, totally unacceptable for a number of reasons.

1) Too low in the field of view, had to look down to really see it.
2) Positioning the screen at the angle for best viewing made it mostly unreadable due to glare from the sun on anything other than a completely cloudy day.
3) Trying to work the screen buttons was dicey, had to reach down and take my eyes off the road to see the controls, however briefly, not good.
4) Addition of a tankbag made viewing or working the screen impossible unless stopped.

550 is now mounted on a GadgetGuy mount up in direct line of sight next to the V1 above the instrument panel. The entire assembly bolts on using the stock screw holes in the upper fairing cover and there's a steel bracing bracket that goes underneath to stop the vibes, no permanent modifications necessary. A far better solution because...

1) Don't have to take my eyes off the road at all to see the screen
2) Working the control buttons is a breeze and I'm still looking forward through the windscreen at the same time (being 6'2" the reach isn't an issue for me YRMV...)
3) If I expand the tankbag and stuff it full enough to obstruct the view with the current placement of the GPS, I should probably rethink what I've got in the bag and move some S**t around to other places

Oh yeah, unless I lug the engine I can't see any issues with vibration in the current mounting system! I've read some of the comments about vibration on the high mounts and for some of the products out there I would agree it could be a major problem.The GadgetGuy setup is pretty solid in that respect, you'd have to be riding off-road for vibration to be an issue with this setup and I generally don't do that with the RT.

My $.02