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Thread: 'nuther new guy

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    'nuther new guy

    I'm Mike from Northwest WI, 20 miles south of Hayward, 90 miles east of Min/St Paul.
    Got back to bikes 6 yrs ago on a Honda SilverWing Interstate. Incurable new bike bug this year had me resigned to a Goldwing until a friend found a K1100 the end of June. Has been everything I'd hoped. 50# less than the Swing with 55 more HP--and I can push it around the garage.
    Went to MOA Nat'l in West Bend 2 yrs ago so when I finally got a BMW figured I'd better join. Almost went to Tenn this yr but "things" came up. Hope for next yr.
    Involved with K11OG forum also.
    Hope to see some members thru the Anonymous list (both ways) and chapter meetings as well as events.
    Mainly wanted to see if the post would go thru!


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    Yep. It went thru all right. Welcome to MOA. Hope you enjoy the Beemer.
    '09 BMW 1200 GSA, 2013 BMW 700GS, 2000 Goldwing SE, '09' V Star 950, '09 Honda Rebel,
    '77 Honda 750A. Holding at six til I get new garage built - need more room for more bikes!

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    Welcome Mike. Glad to have you here. Your post went thru, so how about another with a pic of your K Bike? Flying Bricks seem to run forever and I know you will have a great time on yours.

    Go to the Flying Brick section for any questions and advice you may have. Good folks there who are passionate about K bikes.

    Enjoying the cool summer up North?
    Ride Well

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    Thanks guys,
    Love the cool weather this year. Could wear a sweat shirt all summer and not complain. Just had 3 days of 90*+ 70 dew pt--dripped sweat all over. DO NOT need that.
    I may put this in Avatar:

    Take care

    Ha, it worked
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    Hi, Mike,
    Welcome to the forum. From reading your last post on the K11 forum, we may meet face-to-face in a month and a half. I'm looking forward to it.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
    '94 K75A/3
    '95 K75RTP

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    Welcome aboard Mike.

    You got a beautiful looking bike - looks mint

    Check in often, also don't forget to check the regional forums for "local" events near you.

    2011 R1200 GSA Smoke Grey Metallic Matt
    2009 G450X White
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    Hi Mike!

    Another BMW rider in Wisconsin? Who knew?
    It looks like we will sew up the mileage contest again this year.

    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    Thanks again

    Not pristine, it's been dropped, but good enough for putting up with me.

    Phil, Hope to see ya in October. Heading out early perhaps to hit New Foundland.

    Roy, I'll be in Hartland week from fri to go to Brewers game Sat after Indy GP practice day.

    Good to heaqr from "you all"


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