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    Question Need Advice

    I am in the market for a RT after totaling mine out to a freak non-driving incident.
    There is a 2002 R1150RT where I live (big advantage) and it has two issues that I am aware of. 1) The speedo has 36K on it and stopped working about 750 miles ago according to the owner. 2) the rear ABS pump went out two years ago and the owner has been told it is OK to drive without.

    The guy is asking $4k for the bike. Seems to be an OK price assuming I can fix it for under $1000. How much do you think it would cost to replace the 2 broken parts?

    What effect will the replacing the speedo have?

    Any other thoughts or concerns for you experienced wheelers and dealers?

    Any help is appreciated!!!

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    Thanks for the help guys. I was hoping for some help from the wise and experienced members of the group.

    After doing my own research, the cost to repair and potential of a subsequent failue, I am leaning towards getting out of the BMW business.

    Looking at the Honda ST1300. Anyone have any thoughts on this move?

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    The Honda will definately be cheaper to maintain, but not nearly as comfortable on longer rides. Also, the Honda will likely not last nearly as long as the BMW. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent bike and reasonably priced. My buddy rode one for about 2 years before swapping it out for an R1200RT. What he was able to get when he sold it was a pitance. Best of luck to you no matter what you choose.

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    Thanks for the reply. I agree that resale is a concern with the Honda. I'm just concerned with the repair cost of the Beemer. The ABS pump is $1500 a pop and I've read where alot of people have had their's go out.

    I basically scratched up my 2000 RT and lost a mirror and they totaled it out.

    Wish I had it back!!

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    Well, here's an update on my purchase. I did not buy the 02 Rt with ABS issues. I also decided against the Honda as it just didn't do it for me and resale is a concern.

    I am going this weekend to pick up a 2005 R1200RT with Cruise Control, ABS, Heated seats and grips with 22K on it. I am most excited that I took the plung to the R1200RT.

    My dealership suggested I should go with a 2006 or better but this bike was was close to what I was looking for.

    As I have never owned a 1200 is there anything I should know?

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    Just sold my 2005 RT. Great bike. The seat sucks, so you may need an aftermarket seat for greater comfort. They all use oil, so keep an eye on the sight glass. I found that the CalSci windshield I added was a fantastic addition, all for about $185.....very quiet behind it, and less passenger buffetting if you ride two up. Do the regular maintenance, and make sure the fluid in the final drive is changed regularly. Should last you many miles.

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    The 1200 will last you for many many miles with proper care. I have a 1200 that uses no oil between changes (3000 mile intervals) and has been trouble free for the 11K miles that I have put on it.

    As for the Honda ST you mentioned in a earlier email, the ST's are great bikes that will last just as long as any BMW. I have a friend that has one with 120K miles on it and it runs and looks like it is new and has not had any problems with it thus far. The Honda is a great bike with excellent smooth power and quality that surpasses BMW in terms of body panel fit and quality of paint.
    There is a mag out there that just tested the BMW K1200 against the Kawasaki Concours. In the end, the Kawasaki won the comparison test and if you factor in the difference in costs of the two, you could buy a new Kawasaki Concours and have around 8000.00 in change to spend on a trip to Europe or a second bike! Somthing to consider when you lay down your hard earned money..........

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    Thanks for the advice. I just got back from picking up my bike and had a wonderful 500 or so mile bike riding two up with my wife. The bike is awesome and performs much better that the 1000 or 1150 RT's.

    I would agree that the factory windsheild needs to be abit wider. The previous owner had new foam put in the seat where it was flattened out abit and I did not have any discomfort. The cruise control is awesome!

    I'll keep an eye on the oil!

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