Last week-end Ivan hit the Philly area and on Sat. I was on the 1100 S for nine hours. For details on the gear I wore, see the MOA GEAR site and for some general comments on the 1100 S, see the MOA OILHEAD SITE.

I bought the 1100 S the Thursday before Ivan hit and I marshalled a bicycle race on Saturday North of Philadelphia. For me, it was a shake down cruise of the new bike. That may sound odd to many, but I have found that extreme conditions bring out the best and the worst of rider, gear, and bike.

As the GEAR report will testify, my rain gear held up well and the 1100 S was just fantastic. Two conditions were encountered: highway and slow urban streets. From Bryn Mawr, PA I took The Blue Route (476) North to the NE Extention to Souderton, PA. That was a ride in very, very heavy rainfall. Once up in Souderton I was off the bike and on the bike and off the bike, but at all times both I and the bike were in a down pour. If you are familiar with bicycle races, let me just say that the race was shortened to a crit. of 26 laps of 3.3 miles in a small town community. If there is one comment about what astounded me most about the bike, it is the great grip that the Metzler tires had. I actually took the long way home (over to see the Perkiomen River) since I realized that my gear and my bike where holding up well. Heck, by 4 in the afternoon, it looked like it was clearing up.

I bought the bike new the Thursday before (over a week ago). Now I have 577 miles on it. I am looking forward to the 600 mile check-up on it. This morning saw 386 miles on the bike and I knew what I wanted to do to move the mileage up. I ran down The Blue Route to 95 South to 495 South to 295 South down to the last exit before the Delaware Memorial Bridge - that is the exit for 9 North. I turned around there and then I went back up 295 and 495 and 95 to The Blue Route. Did it twice today.

See details on breaking in the bike (so far) on the MOA OILHEAD SITE.

I love this 1100 S. What a great bike.

Hey, I still have Sunday to ride. I know a lot of great back roads in Bucks County heading out and about New Hope (I was born in Perkasie). Oh, I can't wait.