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Thread: Coocase Astra 48 Luxury Top Case..A Review

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    For potential CooCase buyers: you get what you pay for, skip the CooCase and get the Givi--while I have never owned a Givi, it's got to be better than the CooCase.
    I have GIVI E52 top case for the last 10 years and have no problems.
    Yes it lost the shine and colors but it works fine for me.
    I do abuse it and often overload that case to the double/triple of it's limits.
    But for the budget, before I spend the money on the CooCase, I would go with Bestem Model 929. Pay 70 bucks and you get your self a 46L top case with an LED lights and mounting plate and the hardware. Add 30 bucks and you will have a liner too. I installed it on my F650CS and have no problems. The lock is not the best but for the money, I have no complains.
    Here is the link.

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    Thumbs up

    I have both the 28L and 49L BMW cases, so I cannot speak to the original issue.

    But I can throw in Kudos for Twisted Throttle - very nice company to work with.

    I have ordered items from them in the past (primarily GIVI products), and have always been satisfied with the service - true motorcycle people.

    I remember them contacting me for rooming recomendations for our National Rally when it was held in West Bend.

    I steered them to the Country Inn and Suites - apparently they haven't held that against me!
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    Smile Similar experience with CooCase; but Twisted Throttle response is great!

    But I can throw in Kudos for Twisted Throttle - very nice company to work with.
    I have to agree. Per my post a few days ago, I ended up emailing Twisted Throttle, and Jennifer from TT is sending me a new box and a return label. Wow, talk about a pleasant surprise.

    Next, I will see if the new box is improved from what I hope were early production teething problems.

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    Thanks for the heads up! I was seriously leaning toward the Coocase for my 650CS, but in the end just appropriated the Givi case that was on my son's previous bike (he doesn't want it for the new G650GS anyway). Unfortunately, while in storage, the key for the Givi had been broken off in the lock. We just took it to a local locksmith and paid the $18 to remove it, then had them make a replacement key. Good to go!

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