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    Anyone get new Metzlers... the rally, and have an issue?

    My brother-in-law bought a set at the vendor tent. Mounted balanced, and ready for the road.

    Only problem was the rear went flat, on our way home 42 miles north of Johnson City. The bike had sat until we left.

    Glad it didin't happen on "the Dragon"

    Prior to the install he had no issues.

    Seems they installed the old tubes and pinched/tore it in the process.

    Luckily, it was the rear, and he didn't have an accident.

    Metzler and the installer are rather un-sympathetic to his situation, and his $400 U-haul bill!

    Not a strong selling point IMHO


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    I needed a new rear tire on my R1150R so I had the Metzler folk put one on at the rally. Rode it to Kentucky, back home to South Carolina, to the RA rally, home again and now have about 1900 miles on it. It has given no problem.
    Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw when dealing with folks you don't know.

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    Sorry, no fuel for this fire - I had a tube type rear mounted for my F 650 and they reused the tube with no problems.

    In fact, because my bike uses a size Tourance they didn't bring as many of and were getting low by Friday morning, the rep pulled one and put my name on it just on my verbal commitment to bring him back a wheel to change it onto.

    Sorry for your misfortune.
    Mark J
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    Ride it the next time;

    Did you guys even check the tire pressure before you left the rally? A really good idea. Maybe you did. If you didn't, shame on you guys. Even if it did have full air at departure, days after the tire job, a tube is best installed by its "owner", imo. I always want to DO my own tubes, for this very good reason. I KNOW its in there right and if it fails its ME on the hook! A tube type tire is easy to do, with good tire irons. Randy....Sorry for your incident and Happy Trails. Glad you lived through it, unharmed.

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    Not wanting to sound like a smarta** and hoping you take this as constructive feedback, but what if you flatted 42 miles or 420 miles before the rally?...two of you travelling and no provisions for a flat? Even if I am running 5 miles into town, I plan on the probability of running over something. If I carry the gear,Murphy's Law seems to take care of me...if I leave it..."someone" has a flat.
    My second solution would be to remove the wheel and have my buddy take it to be repaired while I sat under a shade tree. I don't even have tubes on our bikes as we did in the past, but I carry patches for friends that do. Paying $400 is not an option for me unless the bike has serious issues and I am WAY away from home or help from the Anonymous Book...I have been rescued and have rescued...paying it forward ya know...

    I change a lot of tires on our bikes and more for friends...I treat them like my own and if the tube is questionable in age or has had more than a year on it ,I insist they use a new one if I am doing the install...just like changing valve insurance and they roll out with all I could do for both our peace of minds. If they want to use an old tube...I let them do it and watch from across the shop. Had a buddy years back with maybe 8 patches on a tube..."It's still holding air" was his motto...I always mentioned that as he was repairing it again.

    I am glad y'all got home and no safety issues from the flat...just sayin'
    Steve Henson
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    The Metzler tech guys at the rally took a few minutes to help me solve a wear problem even though I didn't buy anything from them. And their advice worked.
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