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    Wedge Tech Subforum


    Expanding from the very popular and succesfull Hexhead DIY Tech Forum we have now created a DIY Tech Section for the Wedge model.

    And leveraging heavily from Don Eilenberger's introduction for the Hexhead DIY, I have listed similar information for this section.

    Dear Members,

    The new Wedge K Bike DIY/Technical Library subforum is intended to archive DIY-Tech postings. We've found that these postings tend to disappear with time, and rather then clutter up the forum with a multitude of stickies, so we decided to create a dedicated subforum.

    We've restricted posting in it since we don't want it to become a general "chat" sort of forum. The only way messages/threads can get into the DIY/Tech subforum is for a moderator to transfer them there.

    If you see a posting you feel should be transferred here - please alert the Forum Moderators vs PM, or use the "Report this Posting" button on the left side of your screen.

    If you'd like to submit a posting directly to this section, please contact the Forum Moderators. Any suggestions/comments/corrections to an archived posting, please direct them to me via PM.

    We are looking forward to having this section grow and become a useful resource for our membership.

    EDIT: If you visit the Tech subforum and see very few or no posts - look at the bottom of the page at what your "Display Options" are. It's likely you have the option for display time set too short. Set "From the:" to "Beginning" and all will appear. If you're allowing the site to save cookies, this setting will be automatically saved for you.
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