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    Just joined BMW MOA after two weeks and 1,000 mile on an R1200R

    Re-entered the sport after a long layoff. Did the safety course in San Francisco (Bay Area Motorcycle Training) which I would highly recommend. I would like to continue with a more advanced course after I get some miles on

    Use the bike to commute a couple of days a week and for fun. Lots of great roads and scenery in Marin County, CA.

    Why the R12R? Probably because I was told to get something small to get back into the sport and I have never been that good at "starter" anything. I love the bike but have a lot to learn about the sport. My watchwords right now are be cafeful, eyes up, stay out of trouble.

    Very glad to be a member and looking forard to every day on the bike.

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    Welcome to the family. What a great handling bike to start riding again. Many would argue that it is the best handling BMW but some GS riders would disagree.

    How about a pic?

    Of course, you live in a state with some of the best riding in the country. We Southern Illinois flatlanders would love to have the choices you enjoy.
    Ride Well

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    Marin county! Dang, I wished I lived off Lucas Farm Road. Sigh.
    I'm quite jealous, but welcome!
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    Welcome Aboard - R1200R as a "small" bike!

    The thing is a ripper!

    Have fun on it.

    By the way the Hexhead forum is very active and there is an excellent DIY section in case you like to turn wrenches yourself.

    Check in often!
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    As others have said, Welcome! You've picked an excellent bike and live where there are some of the best "BMW" roads in the county. You also have the right idea about how to sharpen your riding skills and really get "back into the saddle". The forum will be a good resource for you for both technical information, and to build relationships with your fellow members. We have some regional forums which should help you make contact with folks in your area. Again - welcome to the family! Ride well and often.
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