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Thread: Alarm system R1150RT

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    Alarm system R1150RT

    My 'RT has the factory alarm system and since I bought the bike used, I don't really know how it works. In order to start the bike, I have turn on the key and then press the left button to activate the electrics on the bike so that it will start. I live in fear that if I damage the only electronic key fob that I have I'll never get the bike to run again??? Sometimes when I arm the alarm by pressing the same button with the key off and the lights flash twice, I have to really rock the bike hard to make the alarm go off, and then other times the damned thing will just go off by itself - usually embarrassing me by having to run out of a restaurant and shut it off. Is there a manual for the alarm, or any settings?? Maybe I'm not setting it right etc. If anybody has any info, I'd sure appreciate it.



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    I realize this is an old post but I have a factory alarm on my r1100r, so I might be able to help you out if you've not already figured it out.
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