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Thread: Where did the brake fluid go?

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    Where did the brake fluid go?

    Hi All,
    I consider myself a fairly good wrench, but my '01 R11RT has me a bit perplexed. After I got home from the national in TN I noticed the front brake was low of fluid. Thinking the the fron pads had worn I went out and bought new ones. But the old ones turned out to be fine. Lot's of life left, almost new. The dealer said I may have had an air bubble in the system somewhere. I have yet to take off the plastic to look for leaks at the antilock servo mess. I added fluid and will keep a sharp eye on the level. Has anyone else had this happen?

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    Check in the ABS reservoir under the tank - check for leaks around the ABS pump and along the various lines and connections.
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    I know on the iABS 1150 if you do a brake fluid change and top up the fluid before bedding the front brake pads you will see a minor to major drop in the brake fluid level in the ABS unit. Not sure if same would occur in the brake system on an 1100.

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    Pin Hole

    I had a pin hole leak that would spray out the BF under pressure, but not noticable sitting in garage. Finally it gave out and I put on Speigler lines. Perhaps pumping the brakes in the garage will reveal your leak?


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