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Thread: I'm embarrassed to ask this, but..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35675 View Post
    So, compress the forks & rear suspension? Sidestand or centerstand for my bike? How do I keep them from moving forward or backward? Any other things I should be aware of? Thanks for any help.
    Compress slightly ONLY the front fork, one strap for each side, not rear suspension. You can tie a strap on the rear sides, so it doesn't bounce around so much, but no compression.
    NEVER, put a bike on any kind of stand, center or side.
    Should have a chock securely mounted on the trailer for each bike.
    Little tip,... don't have the fuel tanks full.
    Be safe and have fun.
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    I would recommend a Wheel Lock brand or a Condor wheel hold. I have the Wheel Lock brand. I am very impressed with the assurance knowing that my bike is not going too fall off the trailer.
    There is nothing wrong with trailering. It is whatever makes YOU comfortable. I use my trailer to haul the bike to the dealer for definative repair. Nobody should insult you for trailering.

    Take Care & Ride Safe
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    Quote Originally Posted by SugarHillCTD View Post
    Just a couple of final thoughts. Years ago I trailered for two seasons when I was doing amateur roadracing.

    Be sure that the tie-downs are good quality and NOT worn. It never hurts to double up on the front ones (two per side) but it does hurt if you only use one per side and one fails.

    Once on the road, stop a few times and give everything a once over (kinda' common sense). Things tend to move around.

    Good luck.
    Also ,tie a loop with the extra strap .Sometimes it helps or gives you a little extra peice of mind.Take the strap that is hanging out and tie a loop below the release.This way if the release slips,you have something to catch it.

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    Here is a method for the 'tele-levered' impaired bike:

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