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    Nothing Important.......

    .........I just love my R50.
    That is all.

    I love the way it smells like hot oil when I stop.
    I love the fact I upgraded it to 12V. I can ride at night! Who knew?
    I love that it starts on 1 kick, even when I neglected it for almost 3 months.
    I love that the handlebars are low and wide.
    I love Earles Forks.
    I love that it makes me look huge!
    I love that it has 2 lights and a speedometer to look at, I am easily confused.
    I love how it feels like a big ol' rubber cloud when I am riding down the road.
    I love how one (or both) of my boots smell like gas because the carbs are from 1955.
    I love that it has 3 more horsepower than my lawnmower.
    I love that it has a toolkit and a tire pump. I hope I never need them.
    I love that the only storage is a tiny well in the gas tank, which holds the tool kit and maybe a tennis ball (if you wanted)
    I just freakin' love it!
    If I crash riding it, it will take the surgeons several hours to get the smile off my face.
    Edit: One I forgot,from barryg:It's total chick magnet.

    (Needs a carb synch though )

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