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Thread: Starting problems ?? on 2004 R1150GS

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    Starting problems ?? on 2004 R1150GS

    When I go to start my bike in the morning the fuel gauge and thermometer go on but then go off and keeps doing it. I can hear the fuel pump go on and off and on and off, and its not right. Once i get it to stay on and start, it doesn't do it again until the next morning. Has anyone had this problem before?

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    Similar, not exact.. Last year, 2 blocks from home, '04 RT died. Hosing down the ignition switch via the key opening (enough runs down eventually to reach the switch) cured it for a while. This year, it began intermittent off/on's, and failed entirely near the rally.

    I suspected the switch, but wanted to be sure so allowed it to 'self-diagnose'.

    Ignition switch was bad. Replacing it cured the problem, for $105, but the quality is Very Low, so expect it may happen again down the road. Semi-Easy to replace, PM me if interested....

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