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Thread: Electrical Gremlins - 04 RT

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    Electrical Gremlins - 04 RT

    Looks like I may have some sort of electrical gremlin in my 04 R1150RT. On the way to the office last Saturday morning I noticed that my low beam is not working, and although I had changed this bulb a couple of months ago I assumed that it was burnt out. So, when I get to work I pop the old bulb out and it appeared to be OK, so I reinstall the bulb, plug the socket back in and when I turn the ignition switch on , no light (except for the parking light)! The high beam worked fine, just no low beam. So I pulled the socket back off and put a little di-electric grease on it and plugged it back in, the light works. I assume just a poor connection, and now everything is OK. So, I am driving home yesterday and the low beam was working as it should, but I had to stop at the grocery store to pick-up some dog food. When I return to the bike, and started her up again, no low beam!

    This morning when I jumped on the bike at o‘«÷dark thirty, the low beam came right on, with no problem; but as I am pulling away, the Red General Warning light stayed on. The ABS worked as it should, turning off after the initial roll-away. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and when I returned I thumbed through owners manual and from what I could ascertain (ABS light off, General Warning light on), that there must be a tail light out. From what I gather, in this mode, the default is for the brake light to act as both a tail light and a brake light. I turned on the key and I tried both the hand brake and the foot brake, and it appeared to be doing exactly what it was supposed to do under this circumstance. So after I finish my coffee and jump back on the bike, I start her up and the Red General Warning Light is no longer lit, and the low beam is operating properly.

    I am sorry this is so long winded, but any thoughts on what electrical gremlin could affect both the low beam and the rear tail light, intermittently? Any chance the ignition switch might be at fault. Electrical problems are bad enough, but intermittent ones have to be the worse.

    Any suggestion?


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    Check the grounds

    Hey I'm no expert but when it comes to electrical gremlins start checking your ground connections

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