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    new kansas city member

    hey y'all! this past week i got my first bmw bike, a 1993 k1100rs. i have in the past ridden a ninja 250r, a 2003 sv1000s, a 2002 gsx-r1000, and a 2003 gsx-r1000. those bikes were all my dad's and this beemer is my first to own.

    not really sure what led me to getting a bmw bike. aside from the fact i didn't want a harley, i didn't have a whole lot of qualifiers for my bike. but, the more i looked on craigslist, ebay, the paper, etc. i realized i was being drawn to the looks and performance of the beemers. i'm quite excited about the new addition to my stable (goes quite well with my 1999 328i) and look forward to many long rides in the future!

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    you will like the guys at Engle motors (on Turman road in KC) as well... great places to ride around KS and MO



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    thanks! yeah, i have visited engle a couple times already. they seem like a pretty good place. i wanted to get to know the local dealership/shop and had to pick up the hinges for my right saddle bag.

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    you bought the ride bike for those prarie roads.

    watch out for the kansas state troopers on highway 24. damhikt.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Glad to have you here. How about posting a picture of your bike so we can all admire it?

    Check out the regional forum for folks who want to ride to eat or eat to ride.
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    Supercat - welcome to the forum - a great deal of information and comraderie here.

    Check in often
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    Don't forget that the Ozarks are just a couple of hours south and there's a great dealer there in Bentonville Ark. Eastern Kansas and Missouri have some great roads to ride!
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    From MARS
    Supercat, welcome aboard!

    If you find yourself in the Cottonwood Falls/Elmdale area, keep your eye out for a red/white '93 GSPD and . If you like to camp, PM me. I'll give you directions.


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    sibud -- i promise i'll get a pic of my bike up. sadly my camera is on the fritz. i love the bike and its looks, but it isn't in mint shape. there's a little rash on the right side, and the 11yr old corbin is definitely showing its age. but, that's what paint and new seats are for, right? i plan to take it in over the winter and hopefully get the fairings repainted and the decals redone as the rest of the paint on the bike is in very good condition.

    ksrob -- thanks for the heads up on the bentonville dealer! if i'm down that way i'll try to drop by. but as i live in kc i'll be doing most of my business (dealership wise at least) at engle.

    mars -- my grandparents live in eldorado, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to add elmdale to the trip at some point.

    visian -- i'll definitely keep an eye out for them. my girlfriend will be moving back to manhattan and i figured 24/40 was more interesting a ride than i-70 (can't get much more boring than that); so i plan to take it.

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