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Thread: Zumo 550 Stolen at the Bush Beans Tour

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of your Zumo. I was in the second group, we ate first then went to the plant. It seemed that there was a fair amount of activity at the plant, trucks coming and going, people walking around. I can't imagine any rider doing this! My Zumo stayed on my bike during the whole event, in fact, I never took it off during the whole rally, just stayed on the Garmin mount, no security at all. I normally take it off, but at a BMW event, I did not bother. I guess I was lucky, if I was in the first group, I guess they would have gotten mine, it would have been easier for them!

    Good Luck, I hope someone tries to get the unit serviced.


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    I was in the first tour group as well. I can't image someone not noticing with all the bikes parked together as they were.

    It may be worthwhile to contact the Bush factory to see if they use any surveillance cameras. But do it quickly because the data can be overwritten somewhat frequently.

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    Zumo 550 Stolen at the Bush Beans Tour

    Thanks for the idea about the video! I have contacted Bush Beans to see if they have such surveillance. My bike was about the sixth or seventh in line in the parking lot, so it may have been close enough to the entrance that something might be picked up on cameras.

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