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Thread: Suggestions -Trip Route for NS & NB,etc..

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    Suggestions -Trip Route for NS & NB,etc..

    My wife and I are taking a fall trip starting from eastern KY and will be going to the maritime provinces for a couple of weeks.We have traveled New England previously and this trip concentrates on Canadian NE/Maritimes. We are open to a return through Quebec and Ontario, but I have to pick up the bike after we re-enter the USA. Our trip will end with a brief visit to the Niagara Falls area & I have an ebay bike to pick up in Albion,NY at the end of the trip after back in USA. We are usually State Park/National Forest type campers and will be taking our RV(truck/tiny travel trailer) for this trip. I am familiar with trip planning/travel but open to some suggestions as to a route that works for this one.
    We are "doers" not just "drive by and lookers", so open to ideas as to hiking,eating out, site seeing/scenic drives,fishing(late Sept), which ferries to utilize and so on. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Winter starts early . . .

    I have done the Maritimes in late August and after the hot trip North I enjoyed the cool air. Be prepared!
    Canadian drivers are the worst and they have no cares except for themselves (at least they didn't in 1975)
    Watch out for moose. One walked out of the brush and we just missed him or her. So close I could smell it!
    Wonderful trip and great scenery. Take your time as there are many places to visit.
    I hope you like lobster!
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    Just got back from a two-week trip through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on the bike. Contrary to CTellman, I found Canadians in general and Newfies in particular to be very courteous, friendly and welcoming ... inspite of us being Yanks.

    Yes, be watchful for moose and DON'T drive at night ... although I only saw one and it was on the shoulder of the road after having been hit, there was periodic bloody evidence of other hits.

    I had no problems with Canadian drivers. Be prepared for speeds on the main highways to be generally posted for 100 to 110 kph/62 to 68 mph with most traffic including trucks and buses running 110 to 120 kph/68 to 75 mph ... and a VERY expensive ticket for speeding in a construction zone: up to $1,500.

    Border crossing into Canada was friendly and quick ... coming back was a a bit more tedious and not particularly welcoming.

    Go ... have fun ... enjoy yourself ...

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    A lot of folks take the ferry from Bar Harbor ME to Yarmouth NS, but we preferred to ride. We did take the ferry across the Bay of Fundy from St John to Digby, and if you go that way there's a little seafood diner in Digby just around a bend from the ferry landing. It's called the Royal Fundy Seafood Market. Awesome food and generous portions. After eating lunch there we all vowed to eat nothing but seafood while in the Maritimes.

    On the coast north of Halifax, Peggy's Cove = good. Murphy's Cove = bad. There were no stores or restaurants anywhere near Murphy's Cove, and so the Murphy clan felt justified in charging $2.50 for a Snickers bar, etc. I consider Meat Cove at the north end of Cape Breton a must! We had an absolutely fantastic time there, and ended the day sipping Merlot on top of a cliff overlooking what seemed like the entire ocean. The waters were punctuated by whales now and then. Very cool!

    Cabot Trail was good, especially the west side. If I was pressed for time I'd ride the west side five or six times and forget about the east. Good eateries in Antigonish. PEI was fun, but a LOT bigger than my wife's Anne of Green Gables videos led me to believe!

    For camping, I've never seen a Provincial Park I didn't like. There are several good privately-owned campgrounds as well, but in my experience they are more hit or miss than the parks.

    The locals (aside from the many Murphy's surrounding Murphy's Cove) were amazingly hospitable and the staff of the many roadside hole in the wall seafood diners seemed delighted by our sound effects as we consumed mass quantities of their amazing food.

    Have fun! If you need a place to pitch a tent and take a hot shower as you pass thru Vermont, send me a PM. We have 150 acres of hardwood forest on a hillside in north central Vermont, though we're logging atm so you would be limited to the meadow around the house. I've enjoyed reading your posts over the past year and if I can return the favor would be delighted to host you.

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