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Thread: Hey Joe Rocket Phoenix wearers

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    Have used a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket and mesh pants for two years and like them. Have used them well into mid nineties, and as long as you stay moving they are great. Biggest knock I have is as one person posted above, they will not pack down small very well because of the armor.

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    I'm on my second Phoenix jacket. Wore one of the originals for two full seasons and sold it when the new jacket with the rain liner came out.

    I had an ugly crash when some pulled out in front of me and I hit the driver‘«÷s front wheel at about 40 mph. I was on a '97 R1100RT, threw me over the windscreen and down the road about 25 feet before landing on my back and sliding off the road. Came away with no road rash and the jacket didn't even look as if it had been down. The EMT and hospital folks could believe I had been in a motorcycle crash and didn't have any road rash. Totaled the bike but the jacket held up. At the end of two years of Florida sun the jacket had faded to a purple black and I sold it for $50.

    I've ridden with the new jacket this spring and summer. Here is Florida we get plenty of sun and rain and liner works well plus it goes in and out easily. I have large hands and have some trouble getting the elastic in wrists of the rain liner over my hands when taking the jacket off. Works well on mild evening when you want just a wind breaker. All in all I very happy with the jacket. I have the pants also but don't use them often. I find the knee pads irritating and took them out.

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