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    What are you using? What do you like, dislike? I was thinking about trying out a set of Dunlops (I have run mostly Metzler).
    Any thoughts?



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    I have Avon RoadRiders on my airhead. About 6k miles on them, front still quite a bit of tread, I think the rear is good for another 1,000 or so. Great handling and reasonably affordable.

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    I have Pilot Road 2's on my R12RT. They have over 5K on them and look good for another 5K.
    Best tires I ever had on the bike.

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    Continentals Road Attack

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    +1 on the Michelin PR2s. I just installed a new set before going to Johnson City. I had over 13,000 on the old PR2s and had more left but wanted to change them out before the trip since I didn't know how many miles I would put on them during our 10 day trip. The old tires had worn evenly with no flat spots or cupping. This is the most I have gotten out of any set on my 06 1200RT. I put 2424 miles on the rally trip and they still look brand new. I do have Dyna Beads in them as did the old set.

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    I run Metzler Z6's on my R1100S, and have been pretty happy with them so far but they're going to need replacement soon and I've narrowed the choice to Z6 Interact's or the new Michelin Pilot Road 2CT's. Would also be interested in hearing about either of these. I've noticed more wear on the left side of my rear. More comfortable making left turns, or some seriously crowned roads???

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    what are you riding?

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    In the "for what its worth department" Motorcycle Consumer News" likes Avon Storm ST. I am just now ordering a pair for my K1200S, so have no direct experience yet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyMcLain View Post
    I've narrowed the choice to Z6 Interact's or the new Michelin Pilot Road 2CT's.
    Just put a set of the Michelin Pilot Road 2CTs on my R11S....

    Seemed to be the sweet spot for durability and performance.

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    I just put on new Metzler 880's on my R1200C. Got 14K on them on my CLc. I like them a lot

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    I've used many different tires on many different bikes........

    Some observations.......

    Avon Storms......I mounted these on a "breathed on" Honda VFR and the transformation was simply amazing. This bike had Z6 and Michelin PPs before. The Storms were leaps and bounds better on this particular bike. Turn in is much more sure and they hold a line like on rails.....+1

    Michelin PP.......great tire, but I didn't even get 5000 miles out of them on a R1150R Rockster. Never felt confident in the rain.

    Z6......Had them on two different VFRs, R1150RS and K1200RS. Very good tire in all conditions. Excellent in wet. But once the start to wear, they exhibit rather twitchy turn in. Bike seems to want to fall over. No wear bars in the center of the tire led to tire wearing out before I had any idea......This tire had 7000 miles.

    This Z6 looked fine in the AM, 300 miles later, on rt78 in PA on the way back from Arizona, it looked like this!!!!!!!!

    A thousand miles ago I installed a set of Shinko 009 Ravens on my 2004 R1150RSL. So far I'm very impressed and for $147 delivered for a set (Bike Bandit) the price was certainly right. But the jury is still out.......we'll see.
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    That tire

    Is exactly why I switched from Z6's to Pilot Road 2's. When I have time I am going to post a mileage post on the PR2's.
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    Ran Metzeler Z6 in the past. Got about 6k on the rear and not much more on the front. The front wore oddly(cupping and left side wear).

    Currently have Shinko 009's on it.
    I get about 6k on the rear and am on the second one. Front has about 8k on it and looks good for another 2 or 3 thousand.
    I like the handling and the price. In eastern Tenn. this month, they did well, both in the dry and rain.

    It seems that 1150RT's are unusually hard on the rear tires, from what I've read. Could be my right hand that's the culprit, though.
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    After fiddling around with various tires, I've decided to stick with Metzler Tourances (old style) on my R12GS. Excellent durability, good performance on the street, and decent on gravel.

    BTW, here's a thread I started a few days ago showing my tire history on the R12GS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Manfred View Post
    I have Avon RoadRiders on my airhead. About 6k miles on them, front still quite a bit of tread, I think the rear is good for another 1,000 or so. Great handling and reasonably affordable.
    The RoadRider is durable, too. I had a RoadRider front tire that lasted for more than 21,000 miles. That's the only front road tire I'd had that lasted more than 11,000 miles. On the glass filled crap that passes for pavement around here, 21,000 miles is incredible for a road tire! I only replaced it because of cracks due to aging. That RoadRider still had good tread.
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    Metzler 880 on the R1200 "C" and Pirelli's on the R1200 "C" hack.
    No complaints unless I pick up a nail. Hack has a K Block tire, for now.

    Overheard Harley guys dissing Dunlops last weekend.
    Said he's going back to Metzler.

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