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Thread: People's Republic of Hilton Head

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    Hilton Head is what it is. Sorry you didn't know about the "no bike" rules. I asked after not seeing any on my first trip there to a medical conference, not sure what I would have done if I had ridden there. I suspect, if you were a guest, the hotel shuttle would accomodate your trips to the gate. What they do have is great food and fantastic golf courses. Harbor Town Links is quite an experience to play.

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    When I go to Hilton Head I stay on Forest near Coligny Plaza where the hotels and people like us bike guys. The Plantations have never been bike friendly nor are the hotels and restaurants on the Planations. Of course, who wants to hang around with anyone who still thinks its cool to call things by their antebellum names. Pretentious twits abound, but they have a beach that can't be beat in November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCBIKEMAN View Post
    I've an upcoming vacation on HH, have been there many times by cage, and appreciate learning this about our bikes. I will check with the community before I saddle up.
    Do you get to stick one of those "exclusive" -HH- stickers on your car? I see them all the time and am thinking , now those are really special people! Pretentious twits comes real close to how the whole place grabs me, but I have to say that the old live oaks are very impressive.

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