Until you try a "Granny Cantrell" tomato you are missing something. Another locally derived Heirloom is the "Vincent Watts" which we don't like as well as the first type. Out of our many heirloom varieties the 1st to be eaten this year is the Pink Brandywine which we had to share with the rabbit family explosion this year. The 2nd & close behind is the "Box Car Willie" which is an heirloom but also a great eating & canning tomato. I've tried the Cherokee's, Mortgage Lifter's & Black Krim.Aunt Rub'y German Green but dropped them all for various reasons. We also like several Oxheart varieties, to include "Anna Russian" & have tried several black ones such as Black Prince all of which make the best fresh salsa of them all! "Mr. Stripey is the big local favorite here in my neck of the woods, but to me it's too lacking in acid to be full flavored.
There is REAL Silver Queen to be had if you cruise the heirloom seed companies. Not my fave though, we raise a type of peaches & cream of the many out there-it's not the sweetest but has real corn flavor. I have a small patch of the "Mirai" corn this year, it being one of the enhanced types that are supposed to have the extra sweet that gets stronger instead of weaker plus corn taste too.I hope I don't like it too much cause the seed is too pricey @ $3.95 per pkt. + sh.. Bodacious is another corn we like & does well in our jungle climate.
I read the same news article you did on the "lost tomato" flavor. If not for the blight we will have our tomato flavor in large supply.