And it is that time of year again. I don't know of anything that brings me more pleasure than home grown sweet corn and tomatoes. A delightful combo on their own or with your favorite grilled dead thing.

Wiltse Farm Produce & Greenhouse is located on the far west side of Kane County, IL just before you hit the DeKalb County line just east of County Line Rd on Rt. 38.
They have a great selection of vegetables, not just the aforementioned and almost everything is grown right there. Ask and they will tell you what is and isn't.
Peppers, beans, all the delights of summer and it makes for a very enjoyable quick hop on the bike to fetch these.

A word of caution, currently Rt. 38 is going through a much needed makeover so you may want to avoid it. If coming from the East you might take Fabyan Parkway over to Elburn (Hi Jon Diaz!) and then wiggle your way west to County Line then North to 38 and take a right and they will be on the South side of the road.

Bon Appetit!