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Thread: My encounter this weekend with the Arkansas "task force" officer

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    Polite is right;

    It'll always get you some respect from the cops, if you've got the right attitude, whether you're right or wrong in the incident. I've had so many warnings, just being well mannered. Call it what you want, luck or whatever, it simply works most of the time. Boy, I've been busted speeding, dead to rights a few times and got OFF with warnings, way over the limit! New Mexico, the last time. Happy Trails, Randy

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    The really sad part is all SUV's have anti lock brakes, and stopping distances roughly comparable to your beemer, maybe even less. I have driven a Tahoe with ABS, and I have to tell you I was impressed with the cornering and the brakes. It could easily double the posted recommended speed in corners, and if you stopped hard, everyone better have their belts on. Not a Vette, but VERY surprising. The only excuse for her not getting stopped behind you is she did not know how to drive. I guess the police academy does not teach driving anymore. If she is that clueless, I shudder to think how long before she tazers or shoots someone unarmed because of her mistake.

    Of course in Arkansas they will hide the evidence.

    So Sad, and a black mark against law enforcement.


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    Sounds like you were in the town of Damascus on Hwy 65. One of the biggest speed traps in the state. You're lucky you got off...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manfred View Post
    I wish the local Harris County coppers would enforce some kind of speed limit on residential streets. Louetta Drive, near me, has a 35 MPH posted limit. People routinely drive 45 - 50 MPH, making it difficult to pull out onto the road. Constable told me they only ticket when executing a special enforcement action.

    That doesn't do much to generate respect for the police.
    You need to call the non-emergency phone number of the Sheriffs Department for your County. ask to meet with an Officer. they will come to your house, and you can explain the problem.
    This is what we did last weekend when 4-wheelers kept going up and down our road at high speed with young kids on them. the speed limit is 25mph and its a County maintained dirt road. all's nice and peacefull again...

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    Thanks for posting. I'll be in that area next week so good to know.

    You did the right thing by pulling over - it's the law whether they're in your lane or not. You, and everybody behind you, obviously knew that.

    As far as whining - . Someone clearly missed the point. Interesting story about someone who is oviously in the wrong line of work. Overshoots the mark - TWICE! Too many easy shots at blondes, young women, and SUV drivers to take in at once. Was she texting? Suffice it to say, it was a classic Barney Fife moment.

    I was passing through Rolla, MO a few weeks back on I-44 in my Grand Caravan. I was speeding a bit (5 over?) when I saw a patrol car about 3/4 a mile down at the bottom of a long hill in the median. I slowed very early, much to the chaigrin of the Ford pickup driver behind me who proceeded to aggressively tailgate me right past the waiting officer. Not surprisingly, he pulled out after us. I pulled over and let the truck past (the driver seemingly oblivious to the patrol car). However, I was the one in for the surprise. He pulled in behind me with his lights on! .

    The long and short of it, and as pertaining to statements made here, he pulled me over for driving too close to the shoulder in a construction area......on a Sunday.....with no workers out. The guy was really nice, let me go with a handshake and a verbal "Drive carefully and watch for construction workers" but he was clearly checking me out. I have to wonder why a middle aged white guy driving a mini-van raises the leagl eyebrow in that area? Drugs? Really?

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    Have fun in Germany, I lived in Zwiebrucken for 12 years. Be very carefull and wacth the speed limits. I can tell you whats posted is posted, and they do not give in.

    Crank it up on the Highways it is a blast, and by a Porsche!

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