My bike was turning and leaning terribly yesterday morning, so when I got home I checked the tires' pressure and the rear had less than 15 PSI! I aired it up to 40 psi, then rotated it slowly and there it was: an imbedded phillips style screw head. The only question was how long was the screw. I figured I could make it to the dealership some 15 miles away, so off I went.

Interestingly, in 30 years of motorcycle riding I've never had a flat for running over a screw or nail, etc... Lots of flats for running over such things in my cars, but never on a bike.

It was an old style Metzler Tourance that had 7,035 miles on it. It had a good 2,000 miles of tread left, but that was the screw's decision, not mine. I'd have probably replaced it at my next service in ~ 1,700 miles amyway, but I still can't stand wasting a couple thousand miles of good rubber. Anyway, I had it replaced it with another old style Tourance as I've done well with them.

I bought the bike used with ~12,050 miles on it on October 22, 2005. If you're interested, here's the tire history for my 2005 R12GS:

Rear tires:
  • Bridgestone BT020 (new tire when I bought the bike on 10/22/05) - 6,843 miles
  • Bridgestone BT020 (installed on 05/05/06) - 6,632 miles
  • Avon ST AV46 (installed on 3/10/07 ) - 7,891 miles (should've been replaced 500+ miles earlier)
  • Metzler Tourance (installed on 10/31/07) - 7,387 miles
  • Metzler Tourance (installed on 6/23/08) - 10,616 miles (should've been replaced 1000 miles earlier)
  • Metzler Tourance (installed on 2/13/09) - 7,035 miles (premature death because I ran over a screw)
  • Metzler Tourance (installed yesterday, 7/25/09)

Front tires:
  • Bridgestone BT020 (new tire when I bought the bike on 10/22/05) - 6,843 miles (stupidly replaced it when I replaced the rear even though it had a lot of tread left on it)
  • Bridgestone BT020 (installed on 05/05/06) - 10,833 miles
  • Avon Roadrider (installed on 05/06/07) - 21,693 miles (good tread left - replaced due to weather cracking)
  • Metzler Tourance (installed on 2/13/09) - so far with ~7,090 miles and it looks perfect