Friday morning after driving in from Massachusetts I awoke in my tent to extreme pain in my lower back. My sciatic nerve was acting up again. Not knowing anyone I proceeded to the country store and found a member of the local chamber of commerce. That person steered my to one of their local friends who is an urgent care doctor. I rode over there after she made a personal call to him. I was really hurting at this point. The doctor took me in immediately and treated me. His bedside manor was great and his staff was very helpful. After being treated and my pain somewhat relieved at that point he urged me to get a hotel instead of camp. I said in quote, There are around 10,000 out of towners here, I probably won't be able to find a room. End quote. He told me to wait in his office. I few minutes later he came back and said he had secured a room for me very close to the rally at a hotel. He also said a member of his staff will go with me and help me tear down my tent and get me situated in my room at the hotel. He did not have to do this, I did not expect this type of treatment. Not only did his staff member help me to my room they went and got me something to eat, all on their own time. The only thing I can say is THANK YOU. If this is what you call southern hospitality, I like it.