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    I posted in another K section, but was advised to try here too:

    A riding buddy has a K1200S and has developed a need to modify the muffler. As I looked at it to give him advice - I urged him to hold off until I could get some info. The muffler has a large diameter connection to the cat converter, and looks like it is spot welded to the converter. He wants to shorten the mufler, but is unsure about how to detatch it. Has anyone here removed the K/S muffler? And what's the inside structure like? Thanks, from SoCal.
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    Modify Stock Can?

    I assume for the moment that you are serious. That said, sorry, but you got to be kidding!
    Shorten a stock can? Have it come out looking OK, acting OK, sounding OK and the bike thinking it knows what the exhaust backpressure, flow and other parameters are?
    The stock CPU will modify lots of engine settings automatically based on changes in exhaust parameters. Will these be good changes? Eh, maybe. Maybe not.

    Aftermarket exhaust slip ons are tested on the bikes they are made for, dyno tested and curves published.

    If your friend owns an S, he should really think about dropping about 20 pounds removing the stock entirely and using a good aftermarket slip on. Personally I have a Two Brothers in carbon fiber, and the sound is extraordinary and the bike runs great!

    Good luck.

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