Last November I asked my sweetheart if she was going to be up for a trip to the National. Knowing she would be deep in to studying for the Bar Exam at the end of the month, I didn't think she would say yes.

When she said she couldn't go I decided to invite a few friends.

Next thing you know we're putting on a rolling rally to the National!

Our first night we stopped in Little Orleans, MD. Just over 50 campers enjoyed the Little Orleans Campground.

Our second night we went south to Boyer Station, West Virginia. Boyer Station is in the same valley as the National Radio Observatory; it's a cell phone free zone.

Thanks to Max BMW Motorcycles 55 of us enjoyed a FREE BBQ DINNER Sunday night!

Thanks Max!

Camping at Boyer.

Monday and Tuesday we posted up at Willville Bike Camp.

As we were working the gates Thursday we arrived at the rally Wednesday afternoon. I had no problem finding "YB Central"

We were across from the Airheads who thought running a generator at 6am for coffee was a good idea. Once.

I had fun at the rally.

I brought my own shade which also kept me dry when it rained.

I brought my own half roll of TP just in case. Thanks to fortuitous timing I never needed it.

I got food when I wanted it, never waited in line for a shower and when nature called found a restroom or porta pot nearby.

I saw some old friends and missed seeing even more. Made a few new friends too.

As a friend said late Thursday, "we're rallying now".

Thanks to Vince, Connie and all the folks that made this event happen.

You promised some mountain magic and you delivered. Congratulations on a successful rally and I thank you for it.

Rob Nye
2006 BMW MOA International Rally Co-Chair