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Thread: The Rally ROCKED!

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    The Rally ROCKED!

    that's what t thought... and so did most others.

    let's put all the well-deserved kudos here.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    In No complaints about the rally experience at all.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of campsites even as we pulled in Friday evening
    • I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the portolets and the presence of the little portable sinks; I never had to wait and I was never short on TP either
    • the showers were decent and neither of us ever had to wait for one
    • there was a lot of tasty, cheap food and drink available
    • registration was fast and painless (we preregistered)
    • it only took us a few minutes to wend our way in and no delays at all in leaving (the traffic flow seemed well-thought-out to us)
    • there were tons of vendors
    • we thought the BMW motorrad stunt rider was awesome
    • the evening music acts were excellent
    • the airshow was an awesome surprise
    • the company, of course, was unparalleled

    +1 would camp again.

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    1)The cantelope people
    2)The music
    3)The beer
    4)The vendors
    5)The ease of manueverability around the site
    6)My quiet camping neighbors-seriously thank you
    7)The way some of you have your bikes lit up and farkled
    8)The showers in the air conditioned building
    9)The complete lack of loud pipes
    10)The weather channel

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    I made my first rally and had a great time. very nice people and wonderfull roads.

    I may not make Oregon, but will make another rally.

    Thanks to all of you who voluntered, When I rode in Friday morning there were folks standing out in the rain giving newbies like me directions to a place to park and hot coffee. Heck they were even smiling.

    Had a wonderfull time

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    I've attended lots of small rallies but this was my first visit to the Big One.

    I was impressed with the friendlieness of all of the volunteers, from registration all the way through traffic control as I departed.

    The music? Outstanding! And to be able to purchase a few brews without having to leave the rally site... even better.

    I was camped in the ballfields near the beer garden and my neighbors were friendly, plote and quiet once the music ended. I slept better than I expected.

    No complaints here. Just kudos for everyone who had a hand in pulling this one off nicely.
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    This was my 1st BMWMOA.

    What can I was the best! People were very friendly...good food...good music...great vendors(left some cash)...great riding!

    I went by myself...everyone made me feel like very welcome and were very friendly! If you were there and felt weren't trying very hard to meet people!

    Next year I am going to step up and volunteer...that way I can meet more people!

    Thanks to all the volunteers!!

    By the way ....where is next years rally?

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    The rally rocked, no doubt about it! I had a great campsite, I enjoyed my volunteer shift at registration (Thurs. a.m.)...what a hoot! The vendors had everything it seemed. I actually got to buy new Metzlers and have them mounted in almost no time(big difference).
    I'll never be a rally virgin (or young 'un) again. Everyone was super friendly. My group, the Chromeheads, had a wonderful turnout, way cool.
    I will try to attend these, when possible, for a long time.
    Thanks to the organizers!


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    1-great roads getting there on 421 was a blast.
    2-good vendor food at a good price-one even told me he was so impressed with us he was buying a new bmw within a couple weeks!
    3-getting to meet with some on here and adv rider in person.
    I guess i could go on ,but well ,you know

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    Thumbs up A great rally

    This was my 18th MOA National (my first was the Second National Rally @Table Rock., SC in '74.)

    I would have to rate it in my top 5 of all the Nationals. York, PA, Redmond, WA, West Bend, WI, and Lima,OH are up there and I think the '09 National was even better organized and had more things to see and do . Gonna have to think about it, but the 37th National may go down as the Best National Rally!

    Great job Chairs!

    (Now, if we could just correct the TN alcohol board about their crazy rules about beer sales and distances from churches--maybe we could have beer from the Beer Tent while we watched our musical acts!)
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    So great to have a gluten-free beer available

    To the folks that decided what beers would be available: THANK YOU! I never expected to find a gluten free beer at the rally. I was such a great surprise.

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    Closing Cermony

    I think the folks who planned this out did a great job. Yes, it ran an hour and a half, but that is short by past rallies that I have attended.

    It seems that the reason that it ran long was because of all the "must be present to win" drawings that took multiple tries to produce a winner.

    How about having a single shot for a drawing and if it doesn't produce a winner, save the next n tries to the end of the program - either before or after the grand prize.

    That way, the program can stay closer to schedule, presenters don't need to be worrying about how to shorten their particular bit and NO ONE will complain about the end as they can either leave or hang out to see if they won anything.

    Again - great job by the folks who planned the whole closing thing out!

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    I liked Ian's Mosh Pit for GS riders. That site took an S load of work to prepare and make ready. The rain at one point provided an extra challenge.

    Thanks for an event spectators loved.


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    Dangit, I missed you Paul! I still had a blast though.
    19 BMWMOA Nationals under my belt, and I have no idea what I am doing.

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    +1 for the Rally rocked!

    I have had different rally experiences all three times that I've been. Both of the other rallies (Vermont, West Bend) rocked, and this one did too...all were different experiences from each other. Highlights: The shuttle, the music (the other 2 were fine, but this was EXCEPTIONAL), the produce stand....and most of all...THE PEOPLE!
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    Had a great time!

    I posted some tweaks in the other thread but overall I had a great time. The riding was exceptional, the rally is just a backdrop and value added.
    Ride whatever makes you smile! Every bike has it's own issues, problems and annoyances...

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