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Thread: New member & getting ready to go!

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    New member & getting ready to go!

    Hello all!

    I'm a new member (so that means greenhorn, virgin, newbie, etc.)

    I'm excited about being a member of a the BMOA! Here's one reason: I just got off the phone with my dad who rebuilt the carberators, cleaned the tank, replaced fuel lines and other on my 1982 R65LS. I havent driven it since 1984. It only has 3032 original miles to date. It's been in his garage and not moved since 1984. Well, I'm flying home to Washington State to drive it to Saint Louis, MO in a couple of weeks! It's in the shop now getting tuned for my trip back to Saint Louis.

    I'm new to the BMOA and invite any tips and advice anyone would be willing offer for my first long trip. I consider it a long trip since the longest trip I have ever experienced was about 250. I purchased a motorcycle and rode last summer for the first time in 25 years (1982 yamaha Seca) and am totally and completly hooked!!! I have 25 to catch up and i'm excited as hell!!!

    So again all, any advice, direction and wisdom you are willing to impart, would be fantastic!

    Thank's in advance!


    p.s. if anyone knows of a location/site/store I can purchase a plexi faring to fit my R65LS; I would very much appreciate any information you are wiling to provide. Thanks again!

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    If you have not ridden in a while probably it is good idea to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. I was in the same situation as you last fall.
    I was surprised how rusty my skills were after 15 years brake from motorcycle riding.
    Good luck on the trip

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    welcome to the Forum and the club! take your time getting back up to speed and make sure you have all the right gear. Lastly, on your trip home, avoid the busy highways. It will take longer but you will enjoy it much more.

    I believe Gateway BMW is right there in the St Louis area. They should be able to help you on a windshield.

    Anyway, welcome back to two wheels and have a great trip. Maybe you can take lots of pics and post a ride report for us.
    Steve Marquardt

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