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Thread: Tires for R100GS

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    Tires for R100GS

    I'd appreciate feedback on tires I'm thinking about for the R100GS from three different companies; Michelin Anakee; Avon Distanzia; and Metzler Tourance, Enduro, or Roadtec Z.

    JB in LIC

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    Hey JB, welcome to the forum! I am going to move this to Airheads forum section where it will get abetter response.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Loved the tourances on all my PDs, so one vote for those!

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    The tourance tires seem to be wearing pretty fast on my R100GS/PD. I've already purchased the Avon Gripster replacement tires.

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    From MARS
    My GSPD had Avon Gripsters on it when I bought it about a year back. They haven't let me down, so I bought another set which I'm saving for the Fall trips I have planned.



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    There is a thread on the ADV Rider's forum that is 8-9 pages long specifically about tires on the GSPD; try a search over there (Edit: this is the thread One factor you need to sort out is how much riding you will do off pavement. I decided to go with TKC 80's since I planned to ride a lot of dirt roads this summer. They work well on the road and are great off road, but they do wear quickly; they can also rub your swing arm and/or fender. I've ordered a set of Sahara 3's as they appear to be a good dirt tire and okay on the roaad. The Avon Gripster get's high reviews as well from folks that go off pavement regularly. If you plan on doing the bulk of your riding on pavement, then Tourances, Anakees and similar tires seem popular.
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