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    I just bought a 2009 R1200GS ADV.- How much better will a Remus exhaust make the bike? What are the advantages?

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    It will make it louder and it will annoy other people.

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    Waste of money. If there's a difference in ride quality, which I doubt, then it'll be too slight for you to notice. Other than noise there will be no measureable advantage. Unless, of course, its an advantage to annoy those unfortunate enough to follow you.
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    Hi Oliveman - Welcome to the forum.

    I moved your thread on exhaust to hexhead forum for better visbility

    Please check out the various other sub-forums for information and discussion.
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    As a point of reference, I have the Akrapovic exhaust on my R1200S. It is not much louder than stock; it does not annoy anybody; and coupled with the K&N air filter, I believe the bike performs much better than stock.

    Of course it's not a Remus or what do I know?

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    Talking R12RT Muffler

    I just installed a Leo Vince slip on muffler on my 06 R`1200RT. It installs in about 30 minutes, cost forty percent less than Remus or Staintune and has excellent workmanship. It is made in Italy and stocked by many dealers in the US. I received mine three days after ordering from Motorsports Network. It weighs about 5 lbs less but best of all is the purring tone at idle and at speed that I like. It also has a removable core pipe that will crank up the volume but I have not tried it as I so enjoy the tone as delivered.

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    I am looking for lighter not louder. Thanks for all the input.

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    '06 1200RT replaced stock muffler with a Stayintune slip on with the insert in it is as quiet as the stock. With the insert out it sounds "nice" but not loud, just nice and mellow. New muffler is lighter than OEM and I did the change at around 5000 miles. The performance seems just a tad brisker and smoother at low RPMs but the mileage average over several tanks of 92 octane went from 47 to 52 or 53 regardless of whether the insert was in or out. Looks nice too with all that polished stainless steel.

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