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Thread: Bought a second beemer so I thought I'd commit myself and join.

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    Bought a second beemer so I thought I'd commit myself and join.

    Don't know if I should commit myself (to an asylum) because I bought another one, or if I am committed (to the breed) because I did. You decide. Most of you deserve to be committed anyway.

    Anyway, I just jumped on a barn find here in West Tennessee for $200. She is a 75/7 and has not been on pavement in years. PO bought it and never got around to restoring her. I'll post pics over in airheads when I get done playing with her.

    My other bike is a 97 R1100RT. I'm a member of the tail in the air club because of her decision to shear her intermediate shaft going down my road. At least she had the decency to keep 5th working till I got home. I tore her down and put her butt in the air and sent her tranny to Anton to work his special magic. (can't brag on him enough)

    Just thought I'd join up and introduce myself. Kind of like Therapy,,,,,,,, "My name is Jim (Hi Jim), I bought another beemer and I'm still wanting just one more. I admit, I have a problem"

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    Welcome aboard Jim - you can never have to many bikes - argument I have with my wife all the time.

    Sounds like the restoration project will be a blast - will this be a winter project?

    You should also document your process and the do a ride report based on your efforts.

    Welcome aboard
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    Hi Jim!

    Welcome to the group (therapy?). Always good to have another similiarly afflicted join in. Sounds like you know the basic community fairly well already but don't hesitate to chime in with any questions or comments.

    Ride well!!
    Steve Marquardt

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    Thanks for the welcome, as you can see from this (I hope hyperlinks work the same here)
    post over on BMW Sport Touring I like to document my work. I wish everyone would but it is very time consuming and you always just want to ride after you get done. I plan on documenting everything from retrieval to first ride. This will be my first exposure to airheads. Sure wish they had a diy section like the new hexheads made.
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    Welcome to the forum. While not MRN like BMWST, this is a great place to find information about any BMW ever made.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    Ride Well

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