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Thread: Howdy Yu-enz! Welcome to Johnson City

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    Howdy Yu-enz! Welcome to Johnson City

    That's "hello everyone" in hillbilly.
    As I write this I have just joined the club on the eve of the Rally, my first Int'l rally and only my second MOA rally.
    The city is excited to be your host and as a rider I am stoked that you are in town! I look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.
    I have only been riding 6 years but have managed to clock in 70k miles.
    The rally's solo riding seminar is of special and timely interest to me since
    I plan to MOA "rally-hop" out west next year for 6-8 weeks, taking in rallies around 4 Corners, along with the MSTA (formerly HSTA) national in Taos NM next Father's Day.
    Here's to great weather, great friends and great riding at the rally this year!
    Yu-enz have fun now, ya hear!

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    Howdy Back and Welcome!

    70K in 6 years is not shabby!! Keep up the good work.

    As you frequent the forum check out the various sub topics from the Regionals for stuff near your area to the bike forums for bike specific information, to the other forums for converstiopn and discussions.

    feel free to ask any question or post a comment or suggestion and keep riding!
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    Did we EVAH have fun in Johnson City!
    Thanks for the hospitality!
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    Fun? Did you ask if we had FUN? What a great location for a Rally. You live in rider heaven.

    Welcome to the madness. Look forward to seeing you on the road.
    Ride Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuellieBoy View Post
    Yu-enz have fun now, ya hear!
    man, i sure did.

    and i have to say that the local folks in TN were fantastic hosts.

    if you're looking to meet other riders in your area, check out the chartered clubs for tennessee.

    i personally recomment the east tennessee pterodactyls. they worked their butts off to make all there local contacts available to our rally planners, and again during the rally in numerous ways.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Ain't that spelt 'you-uns'?

    [Yes, I live in Wisconsin; but having grown up in southeastern Ohio, I speak fluent Appalachian.]

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