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Thread: Index ArtFest - Index, WA

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    Index ArtFest - Index, WA

    This one looks good too!
    A little more subdued in a nice little town...

    Saturday August 1st

    Outdoor Painting
    Crafts Marketplace
    Live Music All Day
    Poetry Readings
    Food Cabana in the Park
    Children's Art Activity Area

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    This looks like a very nice excuse for a very nice ride. I think we are free that day too. And we need some art for the house.

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    Don't forget your towel
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    While it sounds like a good reason to visit, I will be in Stevenson attending the SoundRider Dual-Sport rally.
    "...your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride" A. Bourdain

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    If you do go... Here is a nice little side trip to Sunset Fall for a photo op.
    Road becomes hard-pan/gravel. I've done it on a R1200c so it really is not a problem.
    Pay off is worth it.

    Try this Map.

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    Looks like great weather for riding...

    Here's another Index scene...

    ...into Index, WA.

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    You gonna put in some of your pictures Jim??

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    I wish!
    Your SigLine explains why not!

    You gonna take a ride up?

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    Well... If ya'll go look for a green hack...
    It's beautiful up here!

    Nice day!


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    Quote Originally Posted by grafikfeat View Post
    I wish!
    Your SigLine explains why not!

    You gonna take a ride up?
    Oh puh-leeze!!

    I wish I did go...we went the Neah Bay instead. I was a total idiot and didn't check the weather. It was 60 degrees. I didn't bring the correct clothing, neither did anyone else (it was a group of idiots ). Needless to say, we froze! It was foggy too....bleck!

    I guess nothings going on there today, sigh....was gonna blow the dust off of the R90S...guess I'll have to go elsewhere.

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    "Luck Favors the Prepared."
    Ha! Ha!
    Yeah, the coast is tricky...

    I'm heading up to Steven's Pass in a few minutes... Just a quick jaunt before i start some yard work/chores...

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