If anyone is looking for inner liner bags here's an option for you. I found a woman online named Karla who custom designs liner bags. I took loads of measurements and photos of my Norge saddle bags and emailed them to her 10 days ago. Today, I had a priority mail package on my doorstep!

I am very pleased with the workmanship and quality of material. I got to choose from nylon pack cloth or K-dura fabric and also choose colors. She will even embroider them with initials or logo. Thinking of resale if I ever sell my Norge, I opted not to have my initials but I sent her a copy of the MG logo and she did a fantastic job with it.

We have Kathy's Journey Designs bags for both the BMW 650GS and 1150RT and these bags are every bit as comparable in quality at a lower cost. I give her a great recommendation! here is the link to her website.


Can't get to the photobucket site for some reason but if anyone wants pictures, PM me.