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Thread: Eastern KY to or from the Rally

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    Eastern KY to or from the Rally

    I stopped at Lexington, Ky on the way from Chicago to the rally and in two days, my wife and I have put 1100 miles on the LT. Many great places to ride in KY horse country and Southern OH on the way to Johnson City.

    Today, we headed East to Ashland, KY, which is on the Ohio River and the WV border. Its also on the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest. We took 23 South along the river. Once past Louisa, you get to see the grandure and beauty of the Appellation mountains. Its not the snow covered peaks we say last year wet of Gillette, but the densely forested rolling mountains that seem to go on forever. The sights peak between Peobles and Jenkins.

    This is not the 300 turns in 11 miles kind of ride. 23 is a four lane divided highway that allows the driver to take in sights normally reserved for the rider. Your not going to scrape the pegs here, or on most of highway 119, which does narrow to a two lane road twisting through the mountains with a couple of hairpin turns, then heads southwest through the Cumberland Gap area and follows the valleys out of the mountains.

    There are plenty of places to gas up the bike and stop for a bite to eat all along the way.

    You will end up near Middlesboro on the TN border, about 30 miles east of I75.

    Its a little bit on excitement on the bottom end, but mostly a great ride for riders of almost every experience and skill level.

    Whether you take it north or south, its a great ride.


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    Eastern KY
    Meaning no offense to you or the residents along US 23,but you missed the better part of Eastern KY scenery wise! Did you see many coal trucks? For others-take the Mountain Parkway south from just east of Lexington via I-64 and then whatever catches your fancy from there and avoid US23 & I-64 as stated above. They are OK roads, just not the best choice for me. Also a matter of -IF- you want to ride slab?

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    Thanks Bill!
    I'll try some of this next week!

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