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    I'm wondering if there will be an opportunity to buy a throttle lock device and new screen at the rally? 2004 R1150RT. I could use both.

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    More vendors than you can shake a stick a few passes thru all of them and compare products and prices...but the answer is YES...You'll buy more than those two things usually!
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    when will they be there?

    Will the vendors be there all day Saturday and then again Sunday morning?
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    We are attending this year's rally as a vendor, and have been told that normally the indoor vendors close at 5 pm on Saturday.

    Note that the list referred to above is 2 months old. There are additional vendors that are not listed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atlbmw View Post
    Will the vendors be there all day Saturday and then again Sunday morning?
    We are vendors at the rally, in fact we just finished setting up.
    All vendors are open thru Saturday. Most will pack up Saturday night including me.
    Usually the only one open for a few hours is Bob's BMW on Sunday morning. The smart shoppers shop early on Thursday. It's not unusual for some vendors including myself to be sold out in some products on Friday.
    Enjoy the rally, it's a very interesting location a little on the tight side but I think it's going to work. You GS riders are in for a real experience, wait until you see the GS track their building!

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