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Thread: What I did on my summer vacation

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    What I did on my summer vacation

    I've always been a rat bike kind of guy, so bimmers were never high on my wish list. A bit too pricey and ...I'll say it ...precious, for my taste. Then I started poking around the net and was intrigued by tall tales of thousands upon thousands of carefree miles these old kbikes were getting...and the price is what the Hell I say, maybe an old Kbrick is just what the current circumstances call for...(cheap, fast and dependable, sounds good on paper).

    I find a low-mile unit online in Seattle for $2500, fly out from Indy and pick it up. 3K miles and a week later I am in love! I've had bikes of many persuasions, but none of them eat miles like this baby. Once I got her out of the parking lot at the bike shop (THAT was embarrassing!) it was all sweetness. For being 20 years old the machine feels amazingly tight. Carves like a knife and goes like a bat.

    I can see the beginnings of an addiction here.

    So hello Bimmer people, You will probably see me around the forums, or better yet, down the road.

    ....hmmm I wonder if I should shoot on a coat of flat black...

    Ride to live

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    Welcome. Post a bike of it as it is, and we can all "vote" on the flat black. I am a fan of that!
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    Glad to have you here. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and some ride reports with pics.

    Let us know if we can help in any way.
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    Saw one covered with fur one time (don't think it was rat). Flat black with white wheels and red inlay on the y spoke. Now you're talkin' rat rod style.
    It's your bike do what you want but they are so easy to keep nice I hate to see them trashed due to neglect.
    Bimmer refers to these car people,
    Beemer is the preferred moniker for bikes.
    If I didn't say it someone else would.

    Post a pic.

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    If you feel so inclined, the Indy BMW club has an informal meet-up every Saturday morning - 9 ish - at Shapiro's Deli downtown. Probably not this week, though. Pretty much everybody is going to be in Tennessee.


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    Welcome to the group. Sounds like the first "2" in your user name should ne precedded by the word never!

    And you are right, there are a bunch of different kinds of bikes out there but there is something about a bike that whispers "just keep going, don't need to stop". Most folks here come off different brands and got on their BMW's for that reason.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions for this place, don't hesitate to share and once again... welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 41077 View Post
    Bimmer refers to these car people,
    Beemer is the preferred moniker for bikes.
    If I didn't say it someone else would.
    Yep. Generally, that would be me, since I am both ... not to mention being an Airhead.

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