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Thread: Info on the Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Days

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    Info on the Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Days

    What do you know about the Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Days...July 24-26

    I've heard it is the nations largest swap meet. I go each year to the big one in the Quad Cities .....Iowa. But I am thinking about attending this one.

    I read the stuff on the Mid-Ohio site.

    Where is a good place to stay???? (I know I'm starting late)

    What are the best days to go????

    Can you ride a bike around like they do at Iowa???

    Anything else you know would be helpful...........thanks in advance for the info.

    Dave..............In central IL.
    1966 R50/2 with Jawa/Velorex sidecar

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    Mid-Ohio Vintage

    a motel will be tough, but there is ample camping on site. You might find a room in Columbus about an hour away. Once you are there everything is a short walk. Great races and seminars plus vintage motocross and trials. Friday and Saturday are the best. Lots of vintage Japanese and some British, but little Harley. The shows abd the auction are good. Get a number and a seat early for the auction. I've done it several times and really enjoy it because you can walk thru the pits, etc. Make a list of the stuff you need because it will take you about 4 hours to walks the swap meet.

    Roads in the area are fair..flat with right angle corners... it's farm country. Go east however and get close to the river and you will find the Triple Nickel, etc. Enjoy..............
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    BMW Track day Jul 27th - S1200RR viewing

    This just in ... BMW Track day and S1000RR viewing (I think also seen on track) on Monday right after the event.

    Not sure yet but might make it.
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    I went last year for the first time and was in awe the whole time. If your a vintage bike person you really should experience it once.

    I took a bunch of photos , heres a link.

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    Yes, you can ride your bike around the entire event area, including thru the swap meet. Most who don't walk just ride pit bikes or golf carts, but you'll see everything from Honda QA 50's to Ariel square 4's riding around the swap meet.
    There are a couple of non-chain motels near Mansfield (just north of Mid Ohio) - I believe one is called the Mansfield Inn and is on US 30 just east of town, and another Mom and Pop type place on US 42 (take I71 N to US30 W to 42 N) - that would probably be the last to fill up. If nothing in Mansfield, Ashland and Wooster would be closer than Columbus. Not sure what Ashland has, but Wooster has
    about half a dozen motels. Heck, I live near Shreve and will be riding from home every day (about 50 miles). Got a big yard if you want to set up a tent. BTW, the motel on 42 is between Mid Ohio and the flat track races in Ashland.
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    Forgot to mention, if you purchase weekend pass online it's $35 - that's for everything at mid ohio, but not gate at the flat tracks. They charge around $10, I think, to mail them, but that's still a deal if you have time yet to receive by mail.
    I always ride to the track and pick up a weekend pass. If you bought a one-day ticket each day, it'd be pertnear $70-75 for the weekend.

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    You can pretty much count on hot and humid weather maybe with a shower or two. Anything else would be a surprise.

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    Smile Vmd

    Well I'll be there racing that weekend. If you make it there, stop by and say hello.
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    I had no trouble getting a room just yesterday.

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    As far as riding around the swap meet, a CT90 is about perfect. Much bigger gets to be a pain in the rump.
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    I would recommend going to AMA Vintage Days. We have been going for the last 6 years and it is a blast. Although BMW did not show up last year for the demo rides and it looks like this year will be the same. It is a real shame that they abandon us like that. a few years back BMW was the marque which was awesome! I had never seen so many airheads in one place. I will be riding my 74 R90 like every year and checking out the demo's swap meet and the racing besides people and bike watching....

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